Our country is in pain and here at The Healing Rose, we feel that pain too. We’ve all had our lives changed and affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic, with us losing a heartbreaking number of lives across the World. Businesses all over have had to close and too many families are worried about unemployment, losing their housing, and more. Many of us right now are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, and many other emotions that make it difficult to feel at peace and relaxed. When our country witnessed the haunting death of George Floyd, we all grieved together. The culmination of centuries of pain felt by our fellow Black Americans hit the tipping point, and our world is now ready for change. Our collective pain, grief, and outrage is felt among nearly every American, and we know that it will serve to unite us for a better tomorrow.

We hope everyone takes the time to listen, to learn, and to take time to think upon how we can all grow to better support equality. We can all be part of the solution to help create a future where everyone feels safe, equal, and loved by their community. We hope that after all this pain and anger that we experience tremendous growth; that we can become a new America. We want a country with better policies that support equality, as well as a society of people that strive to lift up every human being, regardless of race, class, gender, sex, religion, etc. The deep pain felt, the generations of injustice, and the level of distrust for authority are all symptoms of a greater problem. 

The Healing Rose is standing for a future where we are all work towards diverse equality though being compassionate, peaceful, and empathetic to each other’s perspectives. We denounce and condemn all forms of racism, inequalities, and injustices. We are committing ourselves to being part of the solution and to continue giving back, as well as expanding our impact. We believe that in the big picture, this painful time will be a catalyst of positive and lasting change. We know the solutions aren’t easy, they’re complex and messy, but believe us that a brighter future is ahead for Americans where love and compassion overcome all else. 

Please be extra kind to everyone, spread love and peace. Practice patience, mindfulness, and challenge old personal patterns. Open your heart, listen, show empathy, and make sure to practice self-care during these turbulent times. Sending everyone love and light in this incredibly difficult time!

 Be Well,
Laura Beohner & Zach McInnis ❤️
Co-Founders; President & Vice-President 

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