Here at The Healing Rose we continue to spotlight and share businesses and individuals who value self-care, overall wellness, self-improvement, and are passionate about CBD. Alyssa Rose is an Online Fitness and Wellness Coach with over 160K followers on Instagram where she shares her journey and helps others along their path by providing compassionate support and community.  Alyssa recently won her PRO Card by coming in 1st place in Overall Wellness at the NPC JR USA’s in South Carolina this past August. We are so proud of all the hard-work that has brought her here! She is a Healing Rose Sponsored Platinum Athlete who uses our CBD body care products & extracts.

For those who don’t know you, please introduce yourself, and fill us in on your journey so far and how you’ve gotten to where you are today? 

“Hi! My name is Alyssa Rose…I know super aligned! I started on my health and fitness journey my senior year of high school. I had been an athlete my entire life, but had to give up soccer at 16 so I can work to support myself. Being active and athletic was something that constantly fulfilled my soul. My senior year, at 17, I was interested in finding a way to change my body shape. That is when I discovered weight training and the power of nutrition. I started working out, with my boyfriend at the time, in his home garage gym. By the time I got to college at SDSU, there was a giant weight room waiting for me! I became obsessed with feeling strong, powerful, energized, and healthy. Eventually, I started learning about Bikini bodybuilding competitions and was encouraged to do a show. 
I worked three jobs the first summer out of college so I could support myself and the cost of competitions. It was at this time I started to develop, what I was told, an “incurable” skin disease called Guttate Psoriasis. My body was 80% covered in these tiny itchy skin lesions. I was failing multiple medications, and went through a pretty dark period of my life, but I decided that it did not define me and would not prevent me from achieving my goals. I still stepped on stage at, 19, for my first bikini competitions with some spots on me. Today, I am 100% clear and I have been medication free for 4 years! I started to share my fitness journey on Instagram and cultivated a following. I wanted to share with people not only my achievements, but my struggles too, which allowed others to relate to me more. I also wanted to help people achieve their fitness goals too. So, I started sharing nutrition tips, workout videos, and recipes. This sent me on a trajectory to becoming an online health and wellness coach. 
Through my own personal journey, I realized how much of the mental aspect is important to your overall well being. This grew my coaching business into a mind/body/spirit program where I include spiritual and mental wellness along with the workout and nutrition plan. Today I am coaching and mentoring women online all over the world and I feel so fortunate to be a part of their journeys. In the arena of bodybuilding, I am now competing in the brand new Wellness Division that launched in 2020 that came from an overseas federation. I competed in March at the annual Arnold Sports Festival in Ohio, where I achieved third place in my very first national show. I am now working towards earning my pro card in August, at Jr. USAs, in South Carolina. I feel my journey is just beginning, as I have extremely large goals. If there is anything that I have learned, it is to be patient and enjoy the process, the Universe always has your back and everything is always working out in your highest good.”

What does self-care mean to you? Would you consider a self-care practice to be important for overall wellness? 

“Self-care to me, is having a balanced practice and approach to life mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Think about closing your tabs on your iPhone. It gets slow and things take longer to load. Well, you need to apply this to your mindset and mental health too! Taking the time to observe your thoughts, or having a break throughout the day to be present with your body and really check in with yourself. SLOW DOWN….we need to slow down more. Meditation, deep breathing, stretching, and walks in nature are essential to self-care for me. I also like to journal and read, take The Healing Rose CBD bath soaks with some crystals and candles, and a good skin care routine! We work from the inside out. What content are you consuming? What thoughts are you thinking? What are the words you are speaking to yourself? How about food? What foods are you eating? Do they support your goals? Are you being too restrictive or not strict enough? Then we can go after the physical. Am I resting and recovering my body? Have I moved enough today? There is so much that encompasses and embodies what Wellness is!”

What does your self-care routine look like? What is a non-negotiable for you? 

“My self care routine looks like: 
-Wake up and give my kitty Aura, snuggles and pets for a sweet oxytocin boost.
– Wash my face and prepare my skin for the day using all natural ingredients and organic products.
-Take my daily vitamins and supplements.
– Sage and cleanse my space and light some candles or incense or get the essential oils going!
-Journal some gratitudes and affirmations | Sometimes read from a book
-Play my favorite music or some healing frequencies.
-Ground myself through breathwork, meditation, a walk on the beach, or planting my feet in the grass.
-Put up my psychic shield/ energy bubble and get ready for the day! 
Some non-negotiables would be not taking at least an hour to myself a day to do some of the mentioned above. I can tend to overwork myself in what they call “productive anxiety” so making sure I dedicate that hour to myself a day, makes such a huge difference in my overall mental health and happiness. Self love all the way!”


How does CBD play a role in your self-care and what changes have you seen since introducing it into your routine? 

“CBD has played a huge role in my care! The once a week bath soaks are one of my favorite things to look forward to. Especially being a competitive athlete, I am constantly in the gym so training is important. The salves and body oils are a lifesaver! Sore muscles can be a pain, so including a topical CBD can help alleviate that. Now let’s talk about the mental benefits of self care with CBD. The oil tinctures are a must have for me. Whenever I feel anxiety coming on, I will take some CBD oil and let my mind and body relax. Thoughts can be overwhelming, so the CBD can alleviate that process…and if I take enough I will be ready to knock out and just enjoy some good sleep.”

What is your current favorite Healing Rose product? 

“My favorite product is the CBD Oil tincture. I take CBD with me wherever I go, because I never know when the anxiety will onset. I know I always feel safe if I have it around.”

What is one quote or mantra you’d like to share? 

“I am light I am love I am divine I am enlightened I am peace I am bliss I am connected I am aligned”

Where can people connect with you?

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