In 2020 our phones, TVs, and tablets are the world’s main line of connection and oftentimes community. Although these tools and platforms are great and have brought together millions of people from around the globe for great causes, too much of a good thing can be too much of a good thing. Over-consumption of technology continues to climb and always being plugged in can lead us to feeling that we are missing out while we compare ourselves to those we see on our feed. As we look at a friend’s vacation photos we may feel jealousy, guilt, or discontent or like we are missing something vital to our happiness which can lead to an increase in feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress. As social media and technology grow so too do these feelings of inadequacy.

This can begin to weigh on our hearts, minds, and bodies. By being constantly tuned in you are missing out on the gift of peace that is this moment by focusing on what you are lacking or desire and when we focus on what we lack, we stress ourselves out. Our social media accounts prefer that we stay this way but our stress levels think overwise. According to the American Psychological Associations’ annual Stress in America survey, “More than eight in 10 Americans are attached to their gadgets on a typical day – 86 percent say they constantly or often check their emails, texts and social media accounts. For constant checkers, stress runs higher than for those who do not engage with technology as frequently”. Let’s sit with that for a second, 86 percent check their accounts and messages constantly. This type of consumption is what leads to human beings feeling so drained, stressed, and incomplete because when you continue to make yourself available to everything and everyone by ways of technology and social media, you are taking time and energy away from the most important appointment – you.

What if you began to readjust your technology intake and if you go to bed at 10pm, by 9pm make a commitment to yourself and to your well-being to unplug an hour before bed. During that time you could do stress relieving activities such as yoga, journaling, or a self-massage with our calming Lavender CBD Massage Oil. The lavender will ease your stress while the CBD will provide relief to any tension or soreness you might be carrying. This act of self-care and touch can really calm the mind and body. When you are plugged in you are being stimulated and by nighttime your body is craving peace and rejuvenation. If you allow yourself the time and space to unwind and sink into the present you may find yourself not only less stressed but also sleeping better which will help improve your cognitive brain function and overall ability to get things done. If you take care of yourself in the evening you are preparing yourself for a more sustainably energized day to come.

Digital detoxing is great to do any other time of the day as well. Some gain great benefit by committing to staying off of social media a whole day, week, month, or year! Taking time away from our devices allows us to remember the reason we are here on Earth, to experience life and all it has to offer! We are not meant to be glued to our phones and be consumed by app notifications and text messages. We have learned to see life and reality through a technological lens and forget that the world is just as beautiful and abundant without it.

Do not allow the pressures of the digital world bring you to a place of stress, anxiety, and overall unease. Your well-being and overall energy is worth more than that. Make your time and health a priority by putting your needs first and that means making yourself unavailable for a bit and stepping away from all the noise – it’ll be there when you return, there is no rush when it comes to taking care of the beautiful you. As author Amit Ray once said, “If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath”.

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