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Retailer Spotlight Series: Beverly & Robert of Wicked Chronic

Our Spotlight Q&A Series continues with a feature of a unique and holistic wellness boutique in Natick, MA, Wicked Chronic! Owners Beverly and Robert Barish create a welcoming environment for all adults of all ages, and have a wide variety of offerings from many local, small businesses. Wicked Chronic holds a special place in our hearts as the very 1st retail store to place a wholesale order with us nearly 3 years ago.  We sat down with Beverly and Robert to learn about how CBD has impacted not only their business but also their lives, as well as what makes Wicked Chronic’s stores in Natick & Shrewsbury such special places.

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Q: For those who don’t know you, please tell us a bit about yourselves, your mission, and how you came up with the name of your business!

We started working on the idea of starting our own business after Robert was laid off from work in March 2015. We considered a smoke shop franchise and a vape shop business; both of which were impossible due to the freeze towns have on issuing tobacco licenses. In November 2015, we decided to go with a Counter-Culture Boutique idea. Bringing in a little magic to represent the “wicked” side.

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Beverly came up with “Wicked” for Massachusetts and the Wicca/Tarot side of the business and Robert came up with “Chronic” for the Hemp side of the business. A total joint effort, no pun intended.

Our goal is to showcase innovative Hemp based and Hemp friendly products as they are introduced to market as well as re-educate the populace on the benefits of hemp. Both Beverly and Robert spent the summer attending classes at the Northeastern Institute of Cannabis in Natick, both earning Certificates of Competency in the Cannabis Industry.  We know quite a bit about hemp and cannabis history. Coming into our store will not only give our patrons an opportunity to see many of the products that can be made from hemp, but to also become better informed on the efficacy of the cannabis-sativa-hemp plant.

Image via Metro West Daily news


Q: How did your relationship with CBD begin? In what ways do you use CBD in your self-care routine?

Robert began using CBD on a regular basis in 2016 and continues to use it every day for easing pain from two herniated discs in his lower back and arthritic pain in both shoulders and hips.  The salves are fantastic for flare ups. Robert uses CBD tincture daily

Beverly has been using the CBD tincture for fibromyalgia and has had great success with it. 

Q: How have you witnessed THR products work in your customers’ lives in regards to their self-care practice and overall wellness?

The 300mg and 600mg salves from THR are in high demand in our stores.  Robert personally uses the 600mg salve himself. We have never had a THR product returned because the customer said it didn’t work.

Q: What does self-care mean to you? And what are three self-care habits you can’t live without?

Three self-care habits Robert loves are: the gym, yoga/stretching and CBD. At 52 years of age and a nagging back injury, Robert sticks to this regiment of gym, yoga and CBD and is able to work at Wicked Chronic or at festivals all day long. Robert’s back might be a little tired and sore by the end of a long day, but a bit of CBD salve and some stretching and he is feeling great again.

Q: What is something unique about Wicked Chronic that sets it apart from other retail stores and boutiques? 

Education is the number one thing that sets Wicked Chronic apart from our competition. Beverly and Robert are highly educated on the efficacy of the cannabis plant and try to pass along this knowledge to every customer that walks through our doors. 

Another item that sets Wicked Chronic apart from our competition is our focus on featuring local products from Massachusetts and the New England states. We want local hemp farmers and CBD producers to be successful. Their success not only helps Wicked Chronic succeed but it also helps our local economies.

Q: What is your personal favorite Healing Rose product?

No doubt about it, Robert’s favorite is the Lemon Ginger with Menthol 2X Extra Strength Herbal Salve.  Not only is this one of Wicked Chronic’s favorite products, but it is hard to keep it in stock.

Q: Where and how can people connect with you? 

Wicked Chronic has a website at and we have social media accounts with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Following us on Facebook will allow our customers to get notified of new products and events that Wicked Chronic is hosting, sponsoring and attending. 

Wicked Chronic has 2 locations in MA:

185 Worcester St, Natick, MA 01760

510 Boston Turnpike Ste. D, Shrewsbury, MA 01545

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